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About Gavin Potter Music

Creating audio art that moves the audience and brings your production to life. 


Gavin has been playing music since he started learning piano at the age of 6.  After a brief stunt playing trumpet in high school, he eventually settled on the electric guitar and performed with many bands over the years.

Fast forward a good few years, he now has a diploma in orchestration, grade 8 in electric guitar, grade 5 in classical guitar and grade 8 in music theory.  

His music has been used on TV shows, specials and promos on NBC, CBS, Oxygen, Hallmark, GAC to name a few. After briefly working as a sound designer for a large igaming company, he has since composed music to over 40 online and mobile games and igames. 

He lives in Cape Town with his wife and black labrador and is a huge supporter of animal welfare. 

Our Values


Communication involves clear understanding, regular updates and delivering on the agreed deadline.


We are passionate about animal welfare, both big and small, and a portion of each projects profits go to our favourite charities.


Creativity is at the heart of what we do.  Every project is started from scratch (no templates/imports) so to ensure each project is unique and powerful. 

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